• About LeasePlan

    LeasePlan is a global fleet management and driver mobility company of Dutch origin. Our full service offering consists of financing and operational fleet management services to meet the needs of a diverse client base. Established over 50 years ago, we have grown to become the world’s leading fleet and vehicle leasing company with over 85% of our over 7,440 person workforce now operating outside the Netherlands. Our global franchise manages some 1.62 million multi-brand vehicles and provides fleet and vehicle management services in 33 countries.
    We have a proven track record in enhancing our presence in traditional mature fleet markets, as well as expanding into new markets and growing our business to market leading positions.We are able to capitalise on our global presence and international network by providing innovative products, value for money and superior service to meet the needs of (multi)national clients. We aim to do this by using our expertise to make running a fleet easier for our clients. This is reflected in our universal promise to all our clients: ‘It’s easier to leaseplan’.

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  • Global Coverage

    LeasePlan’s entities are based in 33 countries around the world. They are diverse, yet they remain united. Their diversity comes from the specialised services they offer from their various international locations. Their unity comes from the group’s core values, strong governance and standardised practices. This lets LeasePlan realise consistent economies of scale without compromising sales and service effectiveness.

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