• Achieving real cost control

    Increasingly, international fleet managers are taking a wider perspective on the value that can be generated with an integrated fleet management approach. But, the complexity that comes with managing a global fleet also makes it hard to understand the areas where value can be added.

    At LeasePlan, we look at all costs over the life cycle of your vehicles and assess the case for change that can lead to sustainable fleet cost benefits. Our online tools provide real-time insights that make it easier for you to analyse cost developments, develop accountable improvement initiatives and budget and forecast for strategic planning.

    TCO management, OEM management and Risk management are just some of the areas in which real cost savings can be made.

  • Managing your Total Cost of Ownership

    Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership of a vehicle fleet is  the foundation of cost-effective fleet management. Unravel the variables in TCO - including end-of-contract costs - and achieve cost savings based on meaningful and comparable TCO figures across your fleet.

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  • Managing OEMs

    If you can leverage buying power – and strong supplier relationships - you’ll be able to drive down costs for your business. LeasePlan operates 1.55 million vehicles worldwide, giving us the purchasing power to make sure the best possible conditions and service levels are negotiated on your behalf. Let us help you identify cost efficiencies and create a global OEM approach that delivers.

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  • Managing Risk

    Driver behaviour has a significant impact on your variable costs such as insurance premiums. But why pay more than you have to? We can give you relevant insights of risk exposure throughout your global fleet. Use such insights to understand and improve the way your drivers behave on the road and implement a consolidated approach offering opportunities for further cost control.

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