• Global Products

    Our comprehensive fleet solutions are offered in 33 countries worldwide. Whether it’s stand-alone services, full-service offerings or service bundles tailored to your specific needs. Supported by our commitment to continuous innovation and development, clients around the world benefit from a wide range of global services through our international network.

  • International Open Calculation

    The most cost-effective way to lease

    Open Calculation is our proven operating lease solution that gives you full insight into actual costs. With Open Calculation you don’t pay more than you have to, you share in end-of-lease profits and benefit from transparent cost insights. With fully disclosed cost elements, no hidden fees and charges, no penalties for early returns and no exposure to any loss – it’s easy to see why Open Calculation is the leasing of choice of most companies. In fact, Open Calculation is more cost effective than any other operating lease product on a lowest overall whole of life cost basis.

    Open Calculation offers you:

    Open Book Complete transparency on monthly rentals and terminated fleet performance
    Strategic Management Information Improved TCO through monitoring and steering driver behaviour
    Profit Sharing End-of-lease sales profits are shared and negative results absorbed by LeasePlan
    Benchmarking Easy calculation of residual values, interest rates, TCO etc.


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  • Insurance

    As the third-biggest cost component, insurance has a substantial impact on clients’ total fleet costs. Therefore, rather than treat it like an isolated topic, LeasePlan fully integrates  risk management and insurance services into its fleet management offering. LeasePlan’s 3D fleet insurance product combines three elements: competitive cover, active prevention and easier fleet management.

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  • Telematics

    Telematics enables near-real-time data to be captured from vehicles and converted into useful information such as mileage, fuel efficiency, driver behaviour, accident analysis and vehicle localisation (including recovery after theft). Globally, more and more organisations are using telematics.

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