• Streamlining fleet policies and processes

    Unlock the maximum value of your global fleet operations through an effective and well-coordinated organisation. We’ll help you align processes between national and international operations and ensure your fleet policy is consistent, whilst still allowing the flexibility to meet the requirements of your local operations. This is one of the areas where your can benefit from a global partner with a strong local network providing on-the-ground service and support for your local fleet and drivers.

  • Policy harmonisation and optimisation

    Developing and implementing an international car policy can be a complex task. Yet, you know that implementing a single fleet philosophy can leverage your global scale and bring operational efficiencies. Then again, getting the right balance between a standardised global policy and local policies is a critical success factor to fully achieving your strategic goals. LeasePlan’s local presence in 33 countries makes a transition to a single fleet philosophy - with harmonised policies – easier to achieve for your global fleet.

    Whether you want to review and get better insights into local car policies, benchmark policies against industry peers, or develop a global umbrella policy with room for local optimisation, we work together with you to align all relevant aspects of your fleet and get countries in line with your global approach.

  • Case Study - Global Car Policy Development

    Case study Global Car Policy Development

    Reviewing and developing an international car policy is a complex task. Yet, you know that implementing a single fleet philosophy can leverage your global scale.

    Read how this international client with a fleet of 10,000 vehicles managed to streamline their local policies into one global policy.

  • Cost-efficient fleet processes

    Fleet processes are often managed in many different ways at a local level. At LeasePlan we have the right tools to help you analyse local and global fleet processes and policies and benchmark them against industry peers. This gives you the key to identifying cost savings and streamline processes where needed within your global fleet.

    And if, like many companies, certain aspects of fleet management do not belong to your core competencies, why not opt for outsourcing? By letting us take care of fleet related processes, you can free up your internal resources to focus on the more strategic and value-adding aspects of your fleet

  • Case Study - Cost Saving Identification

    Cost Saving Identification

    Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership of a vehicle fleet is  the foundation of cost-effective fleet management.

    Read how LeasePlan worked together with this international client with a fleet of 4,500 vehicles to identify a potential of €1.8 million cost savings.