• Understanding your fleet objectives

    Managing an international fleet can be a complex task. But also one that can bring significant value to the bottom line of your company. This is why many multinational companies work with LeasePlan to control their fleet spend, optimise fleet processes and reduce driver risk and vehicle emissions.

    At LeasePlan, it is our business to help have your global fleet support your business and your objectives.

    In our experience global fleet managers (or those responsible for managing global fleets) have 3 key objectives in common;

    • How to gain insight and control over fleet costs

    • How to optimise global fleet policies and fleet processes

    • How to meet corporate social responsibility targets 

    Helping you to deliver tangible results on these above objectives forms the foundation of our service offering and expertise we deliver to our clients.

  • Cost Insight and Control

    Identifying and controlling fleet costs

    You know that your fleet costs a lot. But, how big is your actual fleet spend? Are you able to identify and measure all your related costs? Real and lasting cost savings require detailed insights into every aspect of running your fleet. Get the true picture on your costs. Not just some of them. 
    Discover your real costs

  • Process & Policy Optimisation

    Efficient global fleet management

    International process and policy optimisation is key to unlocking and leveraging the real value of your global fleet. Whether it’s standardising your fleet policies or sharing of best practices whilst maintaining flexible local options, LeasePlan offers the tools and expertise that can help you understand your global fleet. We can support you in optimising related processes on both international and local level better than ever before, enabling you to see where changes need to be made.
    Streamlining fleet policy and processes

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Meeting corporate social responsibility targets

    Emissions management and driver behavior are essential elements of your corporate social responsibility objectives. Achieving your objectives starts with having the right insights and making the right choices within your global fleet policy. We’ll provide you with the right reporting capabilities that will help you understand and improve your results, by showing the actual cost and environmental impact of your corporate social responsibility strategy.
    Read more on how to meet your CSR targets here